The club has a few rules in various areas. This page is a collection from other areas of the website.

Club Night Game Selection

The Reason for the Peg Board is to promote a mix of games for players and ensure that a fair number of games are played by ALL members present.

The following Rules apply for the selection of players

  1. The player who’s peg is at the front of the board may chose the next game if He/She wishes to do so, if He/She does NOT wish to select the next game then the player who’s peg is next in line selects the game and decides the pairs, the player who elected NOT to select the game remains at the front but MUST select the next game or His/Her peg will be placed at the back of the board.
  2. Players selecting games may take their own peg plus any three from the next six pegs (7 pegs in total including His/Her own) and will decide the pairs to play.

Team Selection

Selection Evenings will be held to establish both the squads for the teams and the team captains responsible for each of the squads.

It will be the responsibility of the team captain to confirm the players for each of the teams and ensuring that each player is aware of dates, venues, times and if refreshments are required.

It is the responsibility of the player to confirm or advise if not available in good notice to allow the captain to make alternative arrangements where necessary.

Any players wishing to be considered for a team who are unable to attend a selection evening please advise a member of the selection committee.

Please also see the Team Selection page for details of team selection evenings.

Payment of Club Fees

Fees are based upon a membership fee. This covers all of the club costs for court hire, shuttles and miscellaneous expenses. Fees are set yearly at the AGM. Please see the page on Club Fees for details of current fees.

Match Fees

Shuttle fees are charged to every player for every match played, whether home or away. They go some way to covering the cost of shuttles used, and hire of courts for matches. Please see the page on Club Fees for details of current fees.