September 2012

 Dear Members

This is a short newsletter as we begin the 2012/13 season. Welcome to all members, new or not so new!

Chairman’s Address

The 2012/13 badminton season is here, and I hope, like me, you are looking forward to a fantastic year.

Firstly, on behalf of the club, I would like to thank Ko for running a very productive and fun filled summer season. Even with all the challenges of the refurbishing work at the leisure centre, we had some very well attended nights and the added music from the gym got some of us dancing while playing.

Secondly, congratulation to our Ladies 2 and NHL1 teams for winning their divisions and all the teams which remain in their division. To our teams which had to go down this year, we hope you will manage to do well this season and move right back up again.

Thirdly, we must thank all our members, who for one reason or another will be leaving the club this year. We are very grateful for all their hard work and dedication over the years and we wish them all the very best with their future endeavours.  Special congratulations to Annette on the arrival of her beautiful baby girl, we look forward to meeting her soon. As a result, our club will need all our efforts to fill their places, so let us all work together to find new players and to help hone the skills of all our existing members. Together we can do this, myself and the other officials (see list below) who were elected at the club AGM in May are ready and eager to see our club succeed this season and beyond.


Title Elected Officer
Chairperson Sheryl Williams
Secretary John Sleath
Treasurer Babu Gohil
Fixtures Secretary Carol Harding
Junior Club Representative Mark King
CBA Representatives Sheryl WilliamsBabu Gohil
Selection Committee Mark KingRoss Halliwell

Phil Herbert

Anna Bertram

Ramesh Mistry

Carol Harding

Please remember that all officials are volunteers and that we welcome the views of club members in improving our club.

At this point I would like to remind all members and prospective members of the club rules regarding new members. A member of the Committee should look after newcomers and explain the procedures for joining and a club night – such as the peg board. Visitors are encouraged to attend three club nights and make known their wish to join as a member.

A prospective club member should be issued with

  • A copy of a recent club newsletter
  • A relevant Loughborough Badminton Club Approval form with a list of Committee names.
  • All relevant BadmintonEngland forms.

The prospective member must gain the signatures of 3 Committee members to support their application.

Eligibility for Membership will be based on the statement below:-

  • The playing standard of the club and general conduct of members must be maintained or improved by the acceptance of the prospective member.

Once the three signatures are obtained then all relevant forms must be presented with due fees to the Treasurer or Secretary before the person shall be deemed to be a member of the club. The Secretary will then register the new member with Leicestershire Badminton Association and BadmintonEngland and the player will be available for club teams.

I think we need to continue to recognise that all members have their own important part to play in the success of the club. An integral part of the clubs future are our club nights, these should be both enjoyable and valuable to all, and consideration needs to be shown to all members.

September not only means the beginning of the new season but also selection nights!!!! If you wish to be considered for the teams please make yourself available for as many of the selection nights as possible, this really does help the selectors perform a very difficult job.

Finally, for the year 2012/13, may we have many enjoyable nights of badminton and as a result may we have many great successes!                                                                    Sheryl Williams

Dates for the Season –

Friday September 7th – Friday December 21st 

Monday September 10th – Monday December 17th

Friday January 4th – Friday March 22nd

Monday January 7th – Monday March 25th

We can have the courts on a Monday in April & I have provisionally booked these.

Fees for the Winter

At the Club AGM in May a shortfall on monies from last season was identified. As a consequence the following fees were agreed for the new season:-

Full Members– £80,    Under 18s £40,          Students (over 18 in full-time education) £45

Match fees £4,           Shuttle fees £2,          Visitors £3.50

Babu has asked people to pay at least £40 (preferably by cheque) by October 1st to secure your League berth, the remainder to be paid by the end of November; otherwise there would be a surcharge of £5.  Anyone still owing fees from last year will NOT be considered for teams until they are fully paid up members of the club under any circumstances!

Team Selection Evenings 2012 –   will be held over two weeks:

Friday 14th September and Monday 17th September

Friday  21st  September and Monday 24th  September

The following week, Friday 28th and Monday 1st October will be reserved for fine tuning the selections. Please ensure that you attend all selection evenings if you are interested in playing for teams. If you are unable to attend, please contact one of the Selection Committee as soon as possible. On Selection Evenings, the Selection Committee will organise a number of games to help with team decisions and pairings, so unfortunately there may be some disruption to normal club night games, and a reduced opportunity to pick your own games; please bear with us.

Please also let us know your preferences for teams for this season. There is a form below. Print it off, fill it in and hand to a member of the Selection Committee, or email your preferences to

I will be posting current Member’s details at each club night in September. PLEASE check them and fill in an Amendment Form where details need to be updated. I hope to issue updated lists for everyone early in October. Please also indicate an email address where possible and state your preferred way of receiving Newsletters etc in the future.

Remember to look at our website –

And the County website  –

Have a profitable and successful season!     John Sleath (Secretary)