Team captains are responsible for putting out full teams for each of their matches. After each match they will need to give a duplicate score sheet to Sheryl Williams and match fees to the Treasurer (Phil Herbert).

  1. Check that all the team are available to play at least 2 weeks in advance of each match, and have reserves on standby where necessary
  2. Collect match fees and pass on to the Treasurer regularly
  3. If you cannot play you are still responsible for the team and all the arrangements, and must appoint a reliable deputy to collect fees and look after the team
  4. Away matches – make travelling arrangements and make sure ALL the team have directions and will arrive promptly
  5. Home matches – organise refreshments and make sure YOU are early to welcome the visiting team. Arrange well in advance to collect shuttles from Carol Harding for the match.
  6. Score sheets / results should be returned to Sheryl Williams within 7 days (max) of the match whether your team wins or loses.
  7. Try to engender a team atmosphere and encourage a competitive feeling and loyalty
  8. Watch team members play and be prepared to make constructive comments on play and pairings to the selection committee
  9. If you feel you need a team practice, or some team coaching, organise this with the committee, and ensure any team members are present. There are several coaches in the club willing to give help and advice as needed
  10. Players can only play in another team as a substitute 2 times, except in unusual circumstances – please consult Sheryl Williams for the best advice!
  11. Where more than 6 players are listed for a team, captains should try to give all players equal opportunity to play in matches.