Dear Members

This is a short newsletter as we begin the 2006/07 season. Welcome to all members, new or not so new!

Elected Officers

The following were elected at the club AGM in April to serve the Club for the forthcoming season.

TITLE Elected
Chairman Chris Wardle
Secretary John Sleath
Treasurer Harry Highfield
Match Secretary Carol Harding
Selection Committee Anna Bertram
  Kerry Riley
  Phil Herbert
  Garry Boorman
Committee Member Heather Warrington
Junior Club Mark King
CBA Rep Carol Harding

Chairman’s Address

Welcome back after the summer, I hope everyone had a good break and are keen to get back playing and competing for the club. Looking back to 2005/06 we had a great season confirming our place as the top club in Leicestershire.

The Summer Club Nights were again well attended and maintained a high standard of games for the players, we have attracted new players during the summer some of whom may be joining the club.

The Junior Club remains successful under the guidance of Mark King and we all need to make every effort to bring forward the younger players into the senior club as they become ready to make the move. Some of the better juniors will be allowed to use feathered shuttles this year.

I am looking forward to the new season and am hoping that we can again show that Loughborough Badminton Club is the strongest in the county as well as a friendly club that members of all standards can enjoy being a part of.

The new season will bring its problems for the selectors and, in particular, team captains. With five men’s teams we will need every player who wishes to play to remain committed to the team they are selected for. No doubt September will continue to be used to sort out teams – so be prepared!

Team captains will need to communicate closely and be very careful to discuss any requests for players to play up as numbers available, especially for the Division 1 teams, will make it difficult at times. I would ask that team captains consider the effect of requesting players to fill in on the rest of the teams.

Enjoy your Season and your Club!

Chris Wardle (Chairman)

Dates for the Season

Friday September 1st – Friday December 15th Monday September 4th – Monday December 18th
Friday January 5th – Friday March 30th Monday January 8th – Monday March 26th

Fees for the Winter

Following April’s Club AGM it was agreed that fees for next season would be as follows:-

Full Members- £60, Juniors £30, Match fees £3, Shuttle fees £2 (£1 for schoolchildren), Visitors £3.

Harry asked people to pay at least £30 by October 1st to secure your League berth, the remainder to be paid by the end of November; otherwise there would be a surcharge of £5. Harry will keep the Committee more informed as to who has/has not paid by the end of November.

Selection Policy

The Selectors have not yet met – but they will no doubt post details of Selection Meetings at club – so keep your eyes peeled! All members wishing to play in any team should make themselves available for all of these evenings. Attached is a sheet asking you which team(s) you feel you should be selected for? Obviously there can be no guarantees offered in this regard. Please return your preferences to Kerry Riley as soon as possible.

I will be posting current Member’s details at each club night in September. PLEASE check them and fill in an Amendment Form where details need to be updated. New members will need a New Member’s Form and a B A of E New Members form. I hope to issue updated lists for everyone early in October. Please also indicate an email address where possible and state your preferred way of receiving Newsletters etc in the future.

Remember to look at our website –

And the County website –

Have a profitable and successful season! John Sleath ( Secretary)

Loughborough Badminton Club 2006/07 team Selection Form

In order to assist the selection Committee with their initial thoughts please would you kindly complete the attached form and return it to Kerry Riley as soon as possible. Please note this is required for all players even if it is your desire not to be selected for the Club’s teams.

Please fill in the appropriate team number or tick the last box in each row.
Team Preferred Team Do Not Wish to be Considered

New Hall League
Please feel free to add any required (suitable) comments below!



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